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Customization is the heart of our modular systems. Putting you in control of meeting your school's needs.

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Get your students on the same page.

Students can organize their day with our timer system, be assigned club administrator status to submit events including graphics, for flexible work periods, and much more.

app user interface

Teachers are in control.

Teachers can assign students to flex periods, sign students out with a virtual hall pass, submit events to the calendar, even post jobs in the community bulletin board, and more.

Engage Your Community

Schoolcore has something for everyone In your school community. Our modular system is as diverse as the community you are in.

Modular to the Core

You are in total control of the system and show you choose. Modules are sold seperatly to allow you to only use what you need.

Fully Supported

SchoolCore was developed in a school, so we know that you need a system that works out-of-the-box. We're with you every step of the way to make sure the system works FOR YOU!

We've tried several other systems for scheduling our flex time program, but this one exceeds all others and our own expectations. We are in control and the system has engaged our students and staff. We love SchoolCore!

- Bill Naas — Westfeild High School

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